Business Solutions & Technology

At WG, we understand the tremendous importance of technology in managing and growing a business. Our team offers business insight, technology innovation, and transformation management capabilities to drive your business operations to the next level. Our vast business and technical knowledge allows our team to deliver critical solutions upon which our clients rely to understand, manage, and grow their business.

Creating Value
Through Exceptional


CIO Services

The rapid pace of change and innovation in the technology space makes it difficult for companies to continually leverage their digital assets as a competitive advantage. Our CIO Services team is comprised of seasoned executives who have built lasting team strategies, roadmaps and processes for companies to sustain IT excellence and innovation as a key differentiator in the marketplace.

EPM Solutions

Information is the lifeblood of today’s businesses, but many companies still face roadblocks to extracting meaningful insight from the organization’s data. WG enables management to leverage operational and financial data through sophisticated financial planning, budgeting, forecasting, and modeling capabilities to create a competitive advantage in the marketplace. We work with our clients to remove the barriers that isolate information, creating a proactive, data-centric environment.

System Selection

Enterprise-level systems have a significant impact on how well an organization runs and are often crucial assets underpinning long-term growth and success. The tremendous investment of time, effort and money that goes into deploying and maintaining these systems makes the decision of choosing the right system all the more important. Our professionals have served in executive IT roles and as trusted advisers to IT management teams to identify the right technology fit for the business’s needs and have led the negotiation process with vendors to ensure terms are fair for both parties.

Implementation and Integration

Our team is comprised of professionals who understand the business goals of our client’s and provide technical expertise delivering digital solutions to help our clients achieve their goals. We work with a variety of industry-leading vendors to deliver technology solutions that drive value across all facets of the business.

Project Management

IT projects are difficult to manage as business needs often change before a solution can be delivered. We recognize that the business evolves, and are deeply committed to the successful delivery of technology solutions on time and on budget. Our clients trust us to lead and manage their IT initiatives, because we have a consistent track record of creating value through our dedication to excellence and service.

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