Financial Advisory Services

With a focus on the energy sector and personalized client service, our Financial Advisory Services group offers a variety of financial consulting and transaction services. Our technical expertise and leadership experience, coupled with our proven analytical skills, instills confidence in the clients we serve and allows us to provide measurable results.

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The WG team works to create value company-wide. Our focus extends beyond the finance department to all areas that impact the financial and operational success of your business; however, our professionals have a particular depth of knowledge around the CFO’s organization. Our clients leverage the experience of our seasoned finance executives to develop and execute actionable strategies that create value and drive growth.

In every company, accurate and timely financial and operational data are the key to success. Our team helps drive accuracy and promote transparency for clients at all stages of organizational maturity. Clients rely on our services to ensure appropriate accounting treatment for complex transactions and compliance with domestic and international standards, as our consultants have a breadth of knowledge around internal and external financial reporting as well as establishing technical positions around sophisticated commercial arrangements.

We assist our clients in navigating all aspects of capital. Our team provides expertise through the life-cycle of the transaction, from front-end diligence and preparation to post-close integration and transformation. Whether our client is preparing for a change in capital structure, an acquisition or a divestiture, we are equipped with a deep understanding of the technical nuances of the energy industry and can apply our experience to achieve the desired results.

Preparing to take a company public is a formidable undertaking for any management team.  A company must be equipped to navigate ever-changing regulatory requirements and satisfy the stringent financial scrutiny of the SEC for a successful IPO. WG’s IPO Readiness professionals serve as trusted advisors  that assist management teams to successfully prepare for and guide their company through the IPO process.

As the regulatory environment continues to increase in complexity, management teams and stakeholders are more vulnerable than ever to risks associated with business process, IT and compliance matters. Whether improving internal controls, developing an internal compliance plan or identifying opportunities to leverage system capabilities, WG helps organizations alleviate concerns of stakeholders through establishing a platform for sustainable governance.

Flexibility to scale operations in today’s market is vital for growth and financial stability. WG’s Business Process Outsourcing group simplifies back-office operations for energy companies by offering dependable, expedient solutions to streamline processes and control recurring costs. As a result, management teams are able to focus on growing their business instead of managing staff, facilities or the complexities of ever-changing technology. Our clients benefit from a streamlined organization with improved quality and predictable costs.

Navigating the complexities and nuances of state and local tax regulations can be challenging for any business. Our team of seasoned tax professionals helps our clients address the challenges associated with compliance, audit defense, tax automation, and transaction advisory in the tax arena.

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