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We are in the “People” business and offer professional services for both the contract staffing and direct hire requirements of our clients. This offering provides a compelling business case and flexible opportunity for our clients to meet their human capital needs, whether on a temporary contract or direct hire basis.

We excel with our ability to provide functional expertise in areas such as Finance and Accounting, IT, Human Capital, Procurement & Supply Chain Management, Administration, Operations, and Engineering which enables us to be the solution our clients need for their short or long term backfill and direct hire needs. Our recruiting team is dedicated to providing exceptional service and understands the changing market dynamics involved in the “People” business.

Service Lines

Staff Augmentation

Many of our clients face work requirements that are project oriented with specific start and completion timeframes.  The challenge is that the necessary expertise to either lead or work on the project team may not exist in-house or be readily available due to the current staff being assigned with other workload requirements and projects.  Our value proposition is that we can provide the necessary expertise on a project basis with our consultants, thus enabling our clients to more effectively and efficiently use their existing staff.  A key feature of our staff augmentation service is that our consultants work under the direction and control of our clients, increasing their ability to manage multiple projects and activities.  

Functional Backfills

Our clients recognize that core to their operation is the ability to get daily and essential work done in a challenging market. They also recognize staffing gaps do occur from time to time, and they will need third party outside assistance to meet routine work needs. We fill this void by providing people, on a contract basis, who have the required functional expertise and experience to come in and hit the ground running to ensure the work gets done. 

Direct Hire Solutions

We have a dedicated full time staff devoted to recruiting.  When our clients need to fill permanent positions, we are ideally suited to find candidates that meet our clients’ expectations.  We do not possess a body shop mentality. Rather, our direct hire solution includes a process that not only thoroughly examines the credentials of our candidates, but also ensures we pay close attention to the behavioral aspect of each candidate in order to match our client’s culture.

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