WG’s Total Talent Management (TTM) Solution is redefining how businesses utilize their total workforce. Our TTM model allows clients holistically approach their workforce mix, which includes full time employees, contractors, freelancers (IC’s), consultants and service companies, to create a strategically leveraged workforce model that allows the organization to run efficiently as a whole. WG’s customized approach assesses the client’s blended workforce and specifically pinpoints challenges within the talent ecosystem in order to design a comprehensive solution that creates transparency into talent needs.

Service Lines

Workforce Analysis and Design

WG’s team of human resource and business professionals conducts company-wide talent management assessments  for clients to understand the current workforce blend that is in place today between employees, consultants, free lancers, contractors, and service companies. Based on industry leading practices, WG will recommend a workforce blend that meets business objectives and mitigates risk.

Workforce Optimization and Rightsizing

WG has developed a robust change management program that will help guide your company through a workforce optimization or rightsizing. Our team of human resource professionals will provide leading practices to help impacted employees and minimize disruption as much as possible.

Workforce Development

WG’s skill based competency assessment, will identify opportunities to develop training programs and e-learning classes that will improve your company’s talent quality.

Contingent Workforce Management

The ability to engage and disengage contract labor in response to changing market conditions and business events has become a mainstay of the fast evolving global economy. Clients look to our teams’ deep industry experience and leadership in labor program redesign and contract labor category management to deliver strategic and tactical solutions across the contingent workforce program life cycle. We have an a la cart approach to our contingent workforce management offerings allowing you to pick the services that bring the greatest value to your company.

Affordable Health Care Act Advisory Services

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has deep and widespread impacts across the private sector in how businesses manage their workforce. The financial repercussions for non-compliance with ACA can be significant for companies that do not have the processes and reporting capabilities in place to properly document and manage their full-time employees and contingent labor force. WG helps businesses address the challenges and complexities presented by the new ACA regulations, allowing our clients to focus on the operations of their business.

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